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Aphrodisiacs - Do they work?

Aphrodisiacs - Do they work?

There are many foods and herbs that are considered to be aphrodisiacs in that they play a role in increasing sexual urges. And besides increasing the urge, some of these foods and herbs are thought to increase the ability to have sex. Just look at a shelf in a health food store and you’ll find many supplements, created to help increase sexual drive and improve sexual performance. But based on studies, eating naturally and having a healthy lifestyle is still considered the best option towards having a satisfying sexual experience.

Spices can contribute, mentally, to increased sexual desire. The hot feelings caused by chilies can affect the brain. Chilies have also been known to increase ones heart rate, something that normally happens during sex. Chocolate has also been used as an aphrodisiac. Cocoa powder was added into drinks before having sex.

Sometimes it is just the appearance of food that can stimulate the sex urge. For instance ginseng resembles the human body. East Asian countries use ginseng to help keep the body young and to improve the sexual experience. Bananas are another example because of its similarity to the size and shape of a man’s online pharmacy viagra. In a similar manner, oysters are equated to the appearance of the female vagina. Oysters have long been considered an aphrodisiac as they can enhance energy and create a sensation within the body, which later produces an urge for sex.

These foods are easily available. Eating properly is not only important for maintaining a healthy body but also for enhancing the sexual experience.


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